2 White Birthday Bombers - with a surprise inside

2 White Birthday Bombers - with a surprise inside


What a treat these are! These smell just like a vanilla birthday cake -- complete with sprinkles! When I make these, my kids check the oven to see if I'm baking - no lie!

Keeping true to my blok-o-brik theme, these bombs also have the wee little mini guy soap in the middle of each of them! So, you toss one of these bad boys into the tub, it fizzles and bubbles for a few minutes, releasing wonderful cake scent and sprinkles in the water. When the fireworks are over, a little bar of soap is floating around for your little guy to find. This soap is good for one bath. There you go - a cake that gives a gift!

Not only are these bombers good in the tub, they are great to leave in a bowl on the bathroom counter. I can smell these as I walk up the stairs. They smell heavenly!

This listing is for 2 birthday cake scented white bath bombs - trust me - one will not be enough. Unless specified, the color of the soap is random - whatever I have that day. If you would like a certain color, I am happy to accommodate.

These are a unique stocking stuffer, party favor or special little something to make a party when you need it most.

4.5oz. each (9 oz. total)

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