2 Fig and Brown Sugar Unisex Scented Bombs with wee soap inside

2 Fig and Brown Sugar Unisex Scented Bombs with wee soap inside


New- unisex scented adult bath bombs!

As I have had more and more interactions with my customers, I have come to realize that there are a large number of men who also like a good soak in the tub now and again. Over the holidays, I identified some excellent scents that work for everyone - not too floral, not too musky.

Here is the first of my unisex scents- fig & brown sugar. These bombs are a brownish mauve and accented with coral red shimmering mica and dried lemongrass. Totally appropriate for both men and women. You toss one of these bath bombs into the tub, it fizzles and bubbles for a few minutes, releasing wonderful scent, color, and moisturizing and nourishing oils into the water. When the fireworks are over, a little bar of handmade soap is floating around for you to find. The soap smells heavenly and makes a great lather. Sit, enjoy - use that bar up! This is your time!

Not only are these bombs good in the tub, they are great to leave in a bowl on the bathroom counter. Mica shimmers on the bombs making them a beautiful accent to display. I can smell these as I walk up the stairs. They smell heavenly! Perfect way to remind you that your pamper time will come.

This listing is for 2 bath bombs- both individually shrink wrapped, then double wrapped for freshness. Ingredients label and company sticker are attached.

These are a unique stocking stuffer, birthday gift or a wonderful, way to pamper yourself.

Package is 7.5 oz. total.

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