2 Green Tea & Aloe Bath Bombs - with Organic Soap Inside

2 Green Tea & Aloe Bath Bombs - with Organic Soap Inside


I finally got the time to make some new adult scents. This one I love- Green Tea & Aloe. Clean and simple. These pretty bombs are two tone green in color with a little mica powder and dried hibiscus flower for accent.

So this is how you use a bath bomb- you toss one of these into the tub, it fizzles and bubbles for a few minutes, releasing wonderful scent, color, and nourishing oils into the water. When the fireworks are over, a little bar of handmade, organic soap is floating around for you to find. The soap smells heavenly and makes a great lather. Sit, enjoy - use that little bar up! This is your time, mom!

Not only are these bombs good in the tub, they are great to leave in a bowl on the bathroom counter. Mica shimmers on the bombs making them a beautiful accent to display. I can smell these as I walk up the stairs. They smell heavenly! Perfect way to remind you that your pamper time will come.

This listing is for 2 green tea & aloe mom bombs. Each is individually shrink wrapped and then double wrapped for freshness and shipping durability.

These are a unique stocking stuffer, or a wonderful, thoughtful gift for all moms

I may list one set, but I always have extra - just convo me!

Package is 7 oz. (202 gm) total.

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