2 Raspberry Lemonade Bath Bombers - with a Surprise Soap Inside

2 Raspberry Lemonade Bath Bombers - with a Surprise Soap Inside


I love the smell and feel of bath bombs in the tub. Unfortunately, so does my daughter, who happily uses 5-6 at a time! I soon realized if I was to keep these puppies around, I would need to make these myself. So...I introduce my bath bomb-ers.

What makes these different than the ho-hum bath bombs made by others? Well keeping true to my blok-o-brik theme, I have a wee little mini figure soap in the middle of each of them! So, you toss one of these bad boys into the tub, it fizzles and bubbles for a few minutes, releasing scent and color in the water. When the fireworks are over, a little bar of soap is floating around for your little guy to find. This soap is good for one bath.

Not only are these bombers good in the tub, they are great to leave in a bowl on the bathroom counter. I can smell these as I walk up the stairs. They do an excellent job of air freshening.

This listing is for 2 raspberry lemonade scented pink and yellow bath bombs. Unless specified, the color of the soap is random - whatever I have that day. If you would like a certain color, I am happy to accommodate.

These are a unique stocking stuffer, party favor or special little something to brighten up a hard day.

Package is 7-8 oz (202 grams) total

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