6 Bath Bombs - with Star Wars Figures Inside

6 Bath Bombs - with Star Wars Figures Inside


I have been excited to get these posted for some time, but have been too busy to do so. I introduce my latest Star Wars inspired bath bombs. Each bath bomb has a different little character inside.

Each of these bath bombs is approximately 2 1/2" x 2" x 3/4". They weigh from 1.5-2.5 oz each.
Bath bombs are individually shrink wrapped and then double shrink wrapped as a set. Keeps them fresh and sturdy for shipping.

How a bath bomb works- Start a bath by tossing one of these into the tub, it fizzles and bubbles for a few minutes, releasing scent,color and nourishing vitamin E into the water. AS the bomb melts away, the little toy starts to appear!

Each set includes the following:

Darth Vader - scented with Anise essential oil (licorice scent)
C3PO - scented with butterscotch fragrance oil
R2D2 - scented with blueberry fragrance oil
Chewie - scented with snickerdoodle fragrance oil
Storm Trooper - scented with marshmallow fragrance oil
Yoda- scented iwth lime essential oil

These are perfect for party favors, Easter baskets, stocking stuffers or a small little something to brighten up a day. Good for Sci-Fi enthusiasts and bath lovers of all ages!

I am happy to take custom orders for individually wrapped bombs for party favors - any number, any color any scent - just convo me.

* Not recommended for children under the age of three. Toy can pose a choking hazard.

A Berwyn Betty exclusive - you wont find these anywhere else!

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