Gummy Bear Bath Bomb LARGE - with Gummy Bear Soap Inside

Gummy Bear Bath Bomb LARGE - with Gummy Bear Soap Inside


For all of the gummy bear lovers out there - I introduce the gummy bear bath bomb with a gummy soap inside! These bath bombs are shaped like gummy bears. They are a nice size (3 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"). You choose the color and corresponding scent. Scent/color combos are:

Purple - grape
Red - cherry
Green - lime
Yellow- lemon
Orange- orange

Your little sport will love the fizzy bubbles that go on for about 5 minutes,when one of these is lobbed into the tub. It's like a very cool chemistry experiment. As these "fireworks" occur, color, scent and moisturizing oils are released into the tub. As the bomb dissolves, a gummy bear shaped bar of soap appears! So after all of the fizzle and fireworks of submerging one of these bad boys into a tubful of water is over, you are left with a bar of soap to get down to clean up duty. The bar should be good for a few baths. Generally, the color of the soap is random - whatever I have that day.

These are perfect for kids and gummy bear lovers of all ages.

A whopping 10 oz. each

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