6 SHOPBOMS - with Shopping Toy Figures Inside

6 SHOPBOMS - with Shopping Toy Figures Inside


This listing is for one organza bag full of six fruit scented bath bombs. Each bomb contains a different Shopkin toy inside. Each three inch bath bomb is a different color and is scented with a different fruit essential or fragrance oil. Selections within each bag will contain six of the following different scents:

purple grape, pink raspberry or strawberry, blue blueberry, lime green, lemon yellow, cherry red, and/or orange orange.

As with all Berwyn Betty bath bombs, these bombs contain surprises inside. The toys are all authentic and from the popular collectors series. The toys are random and specific toys can not be requested - sorry! Each of the six bombs contain different toys- no duplicates.

Your little ones will love the fizz and bubbles that go on for about 5 minutes,when one of these is lobbed into the tub. It's like a very cool chemistry experiment. As these "fireworks" occur, color, scent and moisturizing oils are released into the tub. After all of the fizzle and fireworks of submerging one of these into a tubful of water is over, your little one is left to find the surprise in the tub!

Berwyn Betty bath bombs are made by me, by hand in small batches. I pride myself in making quality products. Whenever possible, I use certified, natural pure essence oils. If a scent cannot be found in nature, I use quality fragrance oils that retain their scent. Not the cheapest, but definitely the best. I will not sell a product that I would not personally buy. I will not use a scent that I don't like. I am always seeking out molds and surprises to appeal to all kinds of kids.

I am passionate about soap making, and I strive to deliver a product that appeals to kids that are also passionate about something- whether it be blocks, action figures, cars or Shopkins.

Each bomb weighs approximately 4.5 oz. The bombs are each individually shrink wrapped. All six bombs are arranged in a perfectly sized organza bag and tagged with a metal rimmed ingredient sticker and company logo.

All toys are purchased at retail price to create a finished product. Berwyn Betty is not affiliated with the companies that create these toys. Berwyn Betty does not own the rights to any licensed toys in our products. The rights belong to the companies that own the trademark/rights. WE are not affiliated with Shopkins. All toys are authentic.

****Disclaimer: Please read ingredients, do not use if you have any allergies. May leave tub slippery enter and exit with caution!!***

* Not for use by children under the age of three. Toy can pose a choking hazard.

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