12 Teen Titan Bath Bombs- Bath Bombs with Surprise Teen Titan Toys Inside


12 Teen Titan Bath Bombs- Bath Bombs with Surprise Teen Titan Toys Inside


This listing is for 12 Teen Titan bath bombs.  Inside of each of these bombs is a 2" plastic pet toy. The toys are a nice quality. There are a total of 6 characters.  You will receive 2 of each in this set of 12. 

These bath bombs are made with great ingredients. Simple and gentle on skin. No reported reactions on sensitive skin in over six years. Bombs are scented with great quality essential and fragrance oils in kid friendly scents- fruits, butterscotch, lemon cookie, root beer, vanilla and chocolate. Each color is a different scent.

How do bath bombs work? You toss one of these into a tub of water. The bomb fizzles and bubbles for a few minutes, releasing scent, color and nourishing oils into the water. As the bomb melts away, the surprise toy begins to appear. 

Kids love bath bombs. Never seem to be enough options for boys. Berwyn Betty's strives to appeal to all kinds of kids - boys, girls, young and old. Makes great party favors or incentives. 

Each bomb is individually shrink wrapped to preserve scent and increase durability in shipping. Singular bombs are tagged with ingredient label and logo tag. 
These bombs weighs approximately 6 oz. each

All toys are purchased at retail price to create a finished product. Berwyn Betty is not affiliated with the companies that create these toys. Berwyn Betty does not own the rights to any licensed toys in our products. The rights belong to the companies that own the trademark/rights. WE are not affiliated with Hasbro or Littlest Pet Shop brands. All toys are authentic. 

****Disclaimer: Please read ingredients, do not use if you have any allergies. May leave tub slippery enter and exit with caution!!***

* Not for use by children under the age of three. Toy can pose a choking hazard.

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